World of Prank Calls Episode 61 – Get Off The Air, You Mutha’

Today’s show contains mostly calls from the past couple of weeks on various prank call shows. We start Milkbox accusing a hotel of premeditated crimes against his car windows, then RBCP disassembles his neighbor’s air conditioner, it seems suspicious that so many people seem to lick their lips at Devon, Wasted Memory gets accused of being racist while nicely asking for a Mexican Bible, Dwight gets caught by his wife in a hotel room again, and then Brad makes fun of a business owner for loving his chicken eggs too much.

The opening song is rapped by DKM90. The background music and end song is Yes I’m An Alien by MC Lars. Calls are taken from Dwight’s YouTube, Take Your Pants Off, The Milkbox Show, the Wasted Memory Show, and The Snow Plow Show. Visit World of Prank Calls for a world of prank calls.

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