World of Prank Calls Episode 60 – Kitty Life

King Richard annoys an old man with hop scotch, a very angry guy plans to twist Brad’s head right off his body, Milkbox accidentally enforces the rules on the wrong hotel guest, Dragonmere is banned from most hotels, and a lady denies that she built a panic room in her house, because you never talk about the panic room.

The opening song is rapped by Carol. The background music is the Three’s Company theme song. The end song is Kitty Life by MC Wreckshin, Thugmasta J, and Betty Rebel. Calls are taken from Another Prank Call Show, Take Your Pants Off, The Milkbox Show, Dragonmere’s CORNDOWN show, and The Snow Plow Show. Visit World of Prank Calls for a world of prank calls.

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