Gaming with other prank call weirdos

Shit yeah, a gaming page. This is where you’ll find links to various prank call gaming communities. Like the Phone Losers community on Steam. Or PLA’s team for GTA.

Are you on a Switch? Add all us Animal Crossing weirdos. You can request that your own friend code to be added here by emailing or just go post it in the comments section down there.

ArbitraryAlex 8568-5861-4978

Chuybacca 3971-2509-2014
default.urine 2324-8544-8416
Dustbernadette 7705-7434-7404
MST3Claye 6577-4096-3017
Paɐnti 8232-4675-1711
Olga 1007-1397-2133
chrispy808 5517-9941-3791
sagacious zu 7495-2799-4385
dragonmere 4060-9172-2548
Devon Anustart 5114-5360-0544
King Richard 1105-7212-3058
RBCP 8117-5861-2415
Wrektal 3181-3235-4343

3 thoughts on “Gaming with other prank call weirdos

  1. Add me. I don’t have a fun Phone losers name, since I never called the voicemail, but my distorted view call in name is the PumpkinFuc*er if anyone ever heard me call there. My switch friend code is SW-7110-6714-1145

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