We love prank calls and that’s why this site exists. Here you can find dozens of episodes of a prank call podcast called Mr. Dobalina’s Wonderful World of Prank Calls which features only the best possible prank calls ever made. We also do a prank call ‘zine and have downloadable prank call Bingo cards to make your prank call listening experiences even more fun.

Our podcast features some of the best prank calls you’ll ever hear by weirdos like Roy from The Snow Plow Show, Carlito from Madhouse Live, Dwight from Mop Riding With Dwight, Matt and Zax from The Partytime Show, XYZ from The XYZ Show, Justin Sings The Pranks, Travels with Miriam, Daisy’s Dungeon, Graveyard Goons, Wasted Memory, Another Prank Call Show, Devon Anustart, Phone Losers of America, Calls of Mass Confusion, 976-NEON, JagTV, and many more. Not only will you hear great prank calls from today’s hottest artists, you’ll also get to experience the classic prank calls of yesteryear that your grandparents once blasted on their Victorolas.

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