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You know what prank call shows don’t have enough of? Tiny sound bite endorsements from other prank call shows telling people exactly what show they’re listening to, just in case they’ve suddenly forgotten what show they’re listening to. Like these below!

So here’s what I propose. You should go to our giant list of prank call shows, choose your favorite show, and record a drop for them. The easiest way is to simply state your name and who you’re listening to. Like “I’m Dave McDaverson and you’re listening to The Carlito Machine on Madhouse Live radio.” And then send your drop to that prank show. They might use it, and they might not. Below is a drop for a fictional prank call radio station created by a listener named Yokel Ferguson.

But do whatever you want with it and have fun. Are you good at impersonating a certain celebrity or public figure? Then impersonate them for your drop! Be weird and stupid. Prank callers love weird and stupid! Just listen to this one that Rand al’Thor made for The Snow Plow Show

Maybe you even know a way to contact a celebrity, such as hiring them on Cameo or stalking them for years and going through their trash. Listen to this amazing drop Legend got from Phil Proctor of the Firesign Theater.

If you search around on sites like Fiverr and other gig worker sites, you can find lots of people doing impressions of famous voices and cartoon characters. Here’s a guy doing a pretty convincing Marty McFly voice for Cacti Radio.

But there’s no need to be fancy or spend money. Just grab a microphone or a cell phone and record your own quick drop for your favorite show. They’ll probably hate it and think you suck for making it, but that’s what prank calls are all about. Below are a few other drops that we’ve collected over the years for various prank call shows and stations. I’m too lazy to label them. Get off my dick about it.

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