Fool Your Friends With BeverlyBot

LISTEN HERE, PAL. I’ve made a page for Beverly with an easier URL to remember. It’s at

Beverly is an angry old woman who will lash out at everyone who calls her, while coming up with some really crazy threats and insults. And she’s ready to take phone calls from anyone that you think will fall for it.  Don’t worry, Beverly is just a series of phone recordings and you’re not really harassing a sweet old psychopathic lady. Get your friends and family to call up Beverly!

To reach Beverly, dial one of the following numbers.

270-558-1710 (this one will ring 1.5 times)

828-549-7069 (this one doesn’t ring)

602-837-6069 This isn’t Beverly. It’s Edward. He’s not as sketchy as Beverly. He doesn’t even throw his go cups out the window.

All calls to Beverly are recorded for quality assurance purposes. Assume all calls to this line are being monitored by a creepy felon on probation.

Secret Menus

During the first few seconds of the call, you can press buttons on your keypad for secret options. On the 270 number, you should make your selection DURING the phone ringing, right before Beverly picks up.  On the 828 number, you’ll hear 3 seconds of very faint room noise. Make your selection during that. If no selection is made, Beverly will pick up. Here are the secret options…

2. Talk to Lenny instead of Beverly. He’s a lonely old British man who is very proud of his daughters.

3. Talk to Edward instead of Beverly. Edward is a very agitated old man who is very suspicious of everything you say.

5. Manaja Twa Mode. This is for when you’re 3-way calling your friends on the line to talk to Beverly. Pressing 5 will quickly tell you about manaja twa mode, then Beverly will “say” 10 seconds of silence and then she’ll wait for a response from your friend before saying “Hello.” That’s the theory anyway.

9. Talk to Brad Hanson instead of Beverly. Brad would like you to have a seat over there while he reads some chat logs to you. This was made specifically for Devon from the Take Your Pants Off show so it probably doesn’t make much sense for anyone else.

Where Does Beverly Originate From?

The clips of Beverly come from two different prank calls that were made to her in 2018. The first one was from episode 458 of The Snow Plow Show. The second call was from Hobosode 103, which happened several weeks later. The video below plays both of the Beverly calls.

Are There Calls Of BeverlyBot Fooling People?

Yep! Thousands of them. I’ve created a directory of a bunch of them which you can view by clicking here. The calls don’t automatically show up in this directory, but occasionally I download all the calls from the server and put them there. Here are a couple of embedded pranks of a girl calling Beverly…

Can I Run My Own Beverly Bot?

Sure you can! Here is the download of the Beverly sound files. It includes instructions for setting it up on your own Asterisk system. Do fun things with it!

Big thanks to the creators of the Lenny telemarketing bot, who inspired the BeverlyBot code.

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