World of Prank Calls Episode 52 – Heat Wave

Today’s episode has pranks by Dragonmere from The Corndown, SP Link also from The Corndown, Leon from the Leon Haberdashery Show, Devon and Mr. Biggs from the Take Your Pants Off show, Wasted Memory from the Wasted Memory Show, and RBCP from The Snow Plow Show. Here’s the full video for that Biggs/Devon prank. The intro song is by Carol Gerseberms. The background music is Flip All The Switches by Redbox and the Chilipeppers. The ending song is Snow Plow Show by Brandon.

If you like prank calls but you can’t stand me, you might like the shows on the Prank Call Nation network, as well as shows like Dwight The Janitor, The Snow Plow Show. Graveyard GoonzWasted Memory, Another Prank Call Show, Dragonmere, Travels with Miriam, Devon Anustart, and the billions of other live shows that happen every single day.

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