Prank Call Discord

A lot of prank callers like to hang out on a chat service called Discord to talk to fellow listeners and prank call hosts. There are a lot of them, so you get to choose from the list below which ones you will join. Or join all of them. Just have fun, be nice, and enjoy prank calls together.

Hijinks Hangout – Probably the original prank call hangout, Hijinks is the home of Prank Call Nation, Dwight The Janitor, and The Graveyard Goonz. They have movie nights and live calls in the voice rooms.

Travels With Miriam – This is Akspa’s server for his prank call show. Join them on Friday nights for live prank calls.

Folkin’ Live – Wolfiten’s prank call Discord. I’ve only been a member of it for 3 minutes so I don’t feel comfortable telling you if they’re good people yet.

Big Bamboo’s Dockside Grill – Chat your socks off! Then put them back on. This is a bar, not your bedroom. Casper runs this one.

Daisy’s Garden – Good morning to you. The birds are chirping. Daisy does a lot of shows and this is her place.

Frog Pond – This is yet another Discord for prank calls. It’s run by St. Pepe.

World Of Prank Calls – This is the Discord for the Phone Losers of America, and for the World of Prank Calls Website, The Snow Plow Show, and our good friends at Another Prank Call Show and the Take Your Pants Off Show.

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