Prank Call Discord

Prank callers like to hang out on a chat service called Discord to talk to fellow listeners and prank call hosts. There are a lot of them, so you get to choose from the list below which ones you will join. Or join all of them. Just have fun, be nice, and enjoy prank calls together.

Blue Bakery Beyond – This is the Snappy Bakes discord. Weird animated GIFs are required for access.

Corndown – The official Discord room of Dragonmere. THANK YOU.

Hijinks Hangout – Probably the original prank call hangout. Not sure what weird stuff’s happening there today.

Rogue Server – Usually it’s just Wasted Memory and Dragonmere having public fights in the chat room, but sometimes they talk about chickens.

The Dwightscord – This is where most of the PCN crew is hanging out these days.

The Scrapyard – The home of Dr. Tom Servo’s show, but mostly it’s just Alex telling everyone Dad jokes.

The Tool Shed – DeadlyPliers and Rocketship Rays discord.

World Of Prank Calls – This is the Discord for the WoPC community, which includes chat rooms for the Snow Plow Show and Take Your Pants Off.

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