World of Prank Calls Episode 35 – Hand Cramp

Today’s show starts off with a car ding call to a lady who doesn’t respect the dating life of a cripple, then a girl who seems to hate cats. After that you’ll hear the best rendition of Joy To The World played on kitchen pots ever, and a gas station employee will try to steal a customer’s Discman.

Here’s the Cripple Cast

The intro song is performed by Carol Gerseberms, the background music is Amber by ILoveLoops, and the ending song is Cashmere by Nerf Herder.

If you like the calls you heard in this episode, then you’ll probably like the podcast that many of the calls are taken from, which is called The Snow Plow Show. That show is released twice a week, so be sure to subscribe to it. I also do a few other podcasts that you might enjoy, such as Brad’s Cactus Shack,the Hobosodes, and Hang Up The Phone. You can find even more great prank calls on the Phone Losers of America YouTube channel.

And if you like prank calls but you can’t stand me, you might like the shows on the Prank Call Nation network, as well as shows like Justin Sings The Pranks, Daisy’s Dungeon, Graveyard GoonsWasted Memory, Another Prank Call Show, Travels with Miriam, and Devon Anustart.

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